Version 1.0-Updated February 27, 2024

Every day, thousands of people create issues and safety reports made in Permitech. Your work is valuable, and we strive to ensure that your privacy and data are never compromised. Here are some of the measures we have in place. Contact us for custom enterprise security options.

ISO 27001

Permitech is committed to ensuring that all our customer and employee personal data are treated in a way that complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Intrusion detection and prevention
Organisational security
Security training
Asset inventory
Security incident management

The security team at Permitech aggregates logs and audit trails from various sources at a central location and uses tools to analyse, monitor and flag anomalous or suspicious activity. Permitech's internal processes define how alerts are triaged, investigated, and, if needed, escalated. Both customers and non-customers are encouraged to disclose any potential security weaknesses or suspected incidents to Permitech Security. In case of a serious security incident, Permitech has the security expertise to investigate security incidents and resolving them to closure. If needed, Permitech has also access to external subject matter experts.

Information security policies
Operational security
Backups and disaster recovery

If you would like to disclose a potential security vulnerability or have security concerns about a Permitech product, please reach out to Please include a description of the security vulnerability, steps to reproduce, and the impact the vulnerability may have.